Sunday, August 26, 2007

Try some Kombucha

If you've never tried Kombucha I highly recommend it! Kombucha is a "organic, raw, fermented tea" with a mushroom (or plant-senta) growing in it. If you've never had it before I like G.T. Daves because it is mixed with fruit juices and tastes a little less like vinegar than some other brands. In addition to being an amazing hang over cure the bottle alleges lots of other health attributes. :)


David Hill said...

This sounds like drinking Kim Chee.... I like Kim Chi... See how I just spelled that twice? Cuz I have no idea how to spell... Back to the point, if I put Kim Chee in a juicer, would you drink that, too? Might be just as good. What about with some nice sharp cheddar? Asian food never has enough cheese in it for me.

Skyler said...

Kombucha is magical. It gives me as much if not more energy as coffee -- without the energy slump or jitters afterwards. It has a funky smell that might drive away an unadventurous palate, but I urge you to push forward and take a big gulp. I like Citrus. Mouth watering as I write about it. Yum!