Wednesday, October 31, 2007


She's making her "mad" face. I also liked her sad and surprised faces. :)

Country Wedding

Congrats Erin and Michael!!! It was great to get a chance to go home (to Blue, TX) and photograph this wedding. Michael grew up on the farm on next to ours. We (Micheal and his sisters - Jackie and Tracy) spent countless hours riding horses, driving four wheelers and misbehaving in Sunday school.


The landlord took out the wall in front of our studios making a great skateboard ramp! Look at my boys go. :)

First Place

Allison this one is for you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Look into the light...

Amanda's bridal was Sunday morning. She looked amazing. The weather was perfect. My new assistant Evan did a great job (even though I called him Davis).

Amelia Islander

Oh so exciting. One of my photos maybe on the cover of the Amelia Islander Magazine (Amelia Island, Florida). This is a before and after of the photo they want. I find it VERY funny that they requested I remove the groom from the photo. There are some of both of them looking happily at the camera, but they asked for this one sans groom.

Kristen and Hayden

Last weekend I photographed Kristen and Hayden's intimate lakeside wedding. The weather was perfect. BBQ was yummy! Hannah Day did a great job of second shooting. My only complaint, aside from the cake table catching on fire and Hannah fearlessly putting it out, was that we got a speeding ticket in Marble Falls. Boo hiss for speeding tickets. We were only going 8 miles over the limit.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Do512 Halloween Party - Review

The Do512 Halloween Party was this weekend and it was AMAZING!!! We had a great turn out. I've posted lots of photos from the Do512 Halloween Party on my Flickr account. I want to say a special thanks Red Bull, Sweet Leaf, Titos and New Belgium. Complimentary drinks flowed all night long. The production, sound, lights, and talent were all OUTSTANDING. Special thanks to David Rosen (Rozone productions) and Illios Lighting for helping pull together a truly amazing audio/visual experience. Markus with a K got the party started right off the bat, Haunting Oboe Music rocking it and getting people in the Halloween spirit with a cool live crowd-cam video effect, DJ Thibault on fire, bringing the beats and getting the crowd shakin'. Most of all, thanks to Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears. Big big thanks to Jimmy Stewart. He was the driving force behind this party. He did a great job!!! (and I stole some of his words for this post.)

Furniture Update...

Ok. I promised no more sofa posts, but I didn't say anything about beds. :) Just wanted to report I'm now happily lounging on my new sleep number 7000 bed. It is FAR more comfy than the old bed, and it is just like the one Rush Limbaugh sleeps on. For the record my current sleep number is 50 as the per the "Find your sleep number" directions.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Country Wedding

I photographed a wedding in Thorndale Texas yesterday. It was great to get to spend a few hours at our country house before the wedding. I need to get out there more! Disco loves having things to chase and a pond to swim in. The wedding was WONDERFUL! I'll post more photos soon. For the mean time... ponder this photo.