Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Desks and Bookcases

I love this Kipp Stewart bookcase. Why does it have to be so EXPENSIVE?? I've only ever seen one of these before and it was NOT FOR SALE. So I'm very tempted to buy this one. Just need to decide what is a rational price.

Today I went desk shopping with my mom. We hit all of the big office furniture resellers in town. Tops had the most options. My favorite one was $1k and moms favorite was $1500. Either one of the desks we saw at tops would work great, but I wasn't "in love" with either of them. Next we went to Gary's office furniture. Mom picked out an amazing $2800 desk for me. :) It was nice. I like it, but I'm not going to spend that much on a desk, yet. The next place we went was Cox Office Furniture. I was pretty sure we wouldn't find anything, but then I stumbled upon the most amazing Burled Walnut desk with matching curio and credenza I'd ever seen. I was ready to buy it until I discovered they wanted $5400 for it. Guess I have good taste! After hours of furniture hunting mom mentioned that one of her friends was selling his beautiful solid wood desk for $100 because he is going to put his house on the market! I think my mom didn't tell me about it before because she wanted me to see how much nice desks cost. I have an appointment with the desk of destiny tomorrow. Hope I love it! Sofa picking was fun, but I find desk shopping to be a pain. Why do nice desks have to cost SO MUCH!


Ben Combee said...

My office desk was bought back in 2000 from Eurway and has served me pretty well. It's a rounded Euro design with a modular return on the side. I think I paid about $700 for the two pieces.

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