Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Studio Update

The furniture fairy delivered my new sofa to the studio today. I'm not crazy about how it looks with the wall color, but everyone else seems to like it. The sofa is, as my mother puts it, scotch tape colored. I'm planning on spicing it up with some robbins egg blue/brown throw pillows.

The studio should be ready for move in next Monday. :) Has anyone else noticed that I've said that the last 6 weeks in a row? It might really be done this time... hopefully.


Terrica said...

That sofa is delicious.

Ed Verosky said...

The pillows will make a big difference. Hey, big points for something contemporary!

Mary said...

:) I'm so excited that Ed is reading my blog! I loved your post about boudoir and male photographers. I think you did an excellent job on the subject.