Monday, October 08, 2007

Wedding Photo Trends...

A New York Times writer contacted me this week to chat wedding trends. Here's what I had to say...
Likes -
I love the move in the market to photojournalism. As a veteran photojournalist it has been fun to translate my years of experience into another market. I'm also excited by the proliferation of off camera flash being used at weddings. As an ad photographer I love using lots of lights and its exciting to integrate complex lighting setups with live action. Jake Holt is the PERFECT example of a wedding photographer who does a knock out job with flashes.
Another trend I like is the move to cheaper DIY alternatives for albums. Asuka books, Snapfish, and Blurb books also are great options. If you want one of the fancy coffee table type albums companies like Story Book Pages will design your album for you (aren't you glad you got your digital negatives) and have it printed by any of the leading pro only album printers like Art Leather, Graphi Studio or Renaissance .
Dislikes -
Trash the Dress is so 2005. Why not donate your dress or lock it away in moms attic? Your daughter might need it some day for a Debutante Ball, Halloween costume or school play. I used my moms dress for all of the above. :) Thanks mom!! If you want to donate your dress check out Brides against Breast Cancer Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation, the I Do Foundation and The Princess Project. I offer free post wedding bridal sessions for Austin brides who are planning on donating their dresses before their first anniversary.
Another pet peeve is the over use of Photoshop actions. Does every image need a vignette? Probably not. Do colors need to be super saturated past the point of reality? No. Why obscure the image with more grain? All of these things will make images "pop" and look "trendy", but they will also make the photos look dated in a few years. I sometimes use the "tricks" above if an image is important, but weak and needs a little help. If you want all of your wedding photos over processed I can do this upon request, but I advice against it.

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PhotoStar said...

You didn't just post that! Funny stuff. Glad to see someone speaking out against Photo-Chopping. :)