Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Costa Rica!

Yea. We are going to Costa Rica in February. So... if you are want me to photograph your wedding between Feb 3-14 you will have to reschedule your nuptials. If you've been to Costa Rica please pass travel advice along! We are still looking for great places to stay and trying to decide if we want to rent a car or take computer flights.


Ben Combee said...

Annelies and I went to Costa Rica back in January and had a great time. See http://unwiredben.livejournal.com/tag/costa+rica for all of my blog posts about it. Monteverde is awesome and well worth visiting, and I really liked the place at El Castillo, the Hummingbird's Nest. I'd probably not rent a car, as they have a lot of questionable roads.

andy said...

Hey Mary,
cool hanging out with you tonight. Love your buttons:) check this out: http://www.tabacon.com/ can't go wrong with the hot springs and also you can zip through the jungle on lines - good times.