Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dexters bath

Well. The cat was filthy when I got home. Sometimes he gets a bit dirty, but this was on the verge of being comedic. I think he did it to rebel.

I gave him a bath. I used the fancy Modern Organic Products on him. That stuff is expensive, but it doesn't smell so great on a wet cat. It sure did make him soft though. Dex was a good sport about it. He only yowled a few times, and didn't try to bite or scrathc me. He liked the scrubbing part and the being under the faucet. He didn't like being dried with the towel. Maybe I was too vigerious.

My big CRUSH

Ok ok. I have a huge silly crush on a boy. His name is Richard Parry. Mmm... He has red hair and likes gourmet vegitarian food. *sigh* I've had my eye on him for about 6 months now, and now that I've met him face to face I'm in full crush mode. Too bad he lives soooo far away from the old ATX . Oh. And he's in a band, and I NEVER date guys in bands. They are always gone and I know they misbehave. (I'm a rock photographer. I've seen it with mine own eyes.)

Monday, July 25, 2005


Guess I should post a photo from the music stuff. So here's one of the very old but still lively billy idol.


It's been a long weekend of photographing rock stars. *sigh* Yesturday it was 104 degrees in chicago. Thats hot anywhere but add 50 thousand people to the equation and a 40 pound camera bag. I just decided to think about it like i was doing bikram yoga and all the sweating as being really good for me. I feel really good today, suprisingly. This weekend has been the first time I've gotten much excersice in a long time.

i'm making two resolutions before i go home. one is to get in shape. i'm going to start swimming and doing crunches - i've developed a minor beer belly - the other is to get an all access pass to Austin City Limits. My plan is to send a portfolio later in the week to the group putting the show on. If I were all access it would make it much easier to get stuff in Rolling Stone and Spin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Flew to Houston to scout a shoot yesterday. Had a very nice time. Got to have lunch with my dear friend miss Catherine Price. I was elated to hear she has started a line of clothes for fat little girls aged 7-12 available on the internet. The inspiration behind the company is to prevent little girls from "looking like a tent".
My new friend Evan took this photo. He is the creative director for the project in Houston. I was surprised by how kind and chivalrous he is. My guy friends here should take a hint! Also of note. I met Joel Osteen - arguable one of the most well know pastors of our time - or so I've been told. What struck me most about him is 1 - he is not a tall man 2 - his "wife" does not wear a wedding ring 3 - i think he gets carted around in a limo driven by a tuxido wearing blackman who is tough enough to also be a body gaurd.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Etta James

This was my favorite photo for the shoot yesturday, but i'm sure the paper will use something with more edge. This one spoke to me. It isn't as sexual or as boisterous as the other ones, most likely why I like it.

I got the job at DNR. I signed my contract yesturday. I'm not allowed to talk about or show any of work that I do for them until 90 days after the onsale date of the magazine. Sorry y'all won't be the first to see my new work. I'd imagine that most of the publications I work for wouldn't want me to show things here, but I only show one image and it is usually an outtake that I"m sure they won't print. Anyways ... my blog only has a regular readership of about 5 people. How much damage could y'all do?

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I'd like to be the first to say Marc Zupan is an A + good guy. Working with him was fantastic just wished we had more time.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Alex Coke

Had a fun shoot today. Turns out this guy was friends with my daddy and my uncle John. Small world!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Free Kittens - UPDATE

Look. More free kittens!!! The mail lady dropped these off at the office today. They are five weeks old, covered in fleas, and in need of NEW HOMES. If you know anyone who wants a five week old kitten please let me know. They have to find new homes before I leave town next week or I'm going to eat them. (Not really, but it will be a big pain.)


Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Got an email finally verifying my press credentails for Lollapalooza in Chicago! I have the best life in the WHOLE WORLD!!! The line up is just like ACL, but it might not be soooo hot. The layout of Grant Park is going to mean HUGE amounts of walking. I photographed a food festival there a year ago and it is a treck from one end to another.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Forth of July Con't

Happy Birthday USA. The only thing I love more than the USA is Jesus.

Tonight was AWSOME. The guys were having a roman candle fight and Mike Wax hit Andrew McCown point blank! Andrew caught on fire! He is so tough he didn't even stop fighting to put himself out. It was HILAROUS!!! I was hoping he'd stop drop and roll, but instead he took his shirt of and stomped on it.

Andrew got a little burn and Mike Wax felt really guilty, but everythings A-OK. The cool part is chick totally dig scars, and Andrew will have a good story to tell.

Forth of July


Eat some burgers, drink some beer and enjoy the day off work!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005


My photo shoot today went well, but I'm not 100% happy with it. Charolette was a great model and the vintage BMW 2002 was the perfect car - I just got hot and started to feel like it was all taking too long.

Ads are getting easier to shoot but are not as conceptually strong as the old ones are. If any of y'all have good ideas for ads please share. The wilder the better. I could use some inspiration at this point.

Maybe this photo will grow on me... it isn't that bad. I need a wide angle lens with nice glass. They just cost so much. I'm having trouble deciding which one I want and if I should buy a laptop before or after I get a new lens.

5 x 7

To give or not to give? Arthouse gave me a call this week asking for more artwork to show at the Coduit Gallery in Dallas. My work sold out instantly at the Austin show. I'm not sure if I should send them more work or not. This year the gallery started requiring artist to pay for tickets to the 5 x 7 event so many of my friends boycotted the show. However, it is one of my favorite shows and it helped me get representation with GenArt New York a few years ago.

I want to start showing more in Dallas so in some ways it makes sense to a part of the show. Lots of people will see my work and a gallery owner or collector may want some prints, but it maybe better if I wait and show all of the work at once. It's hard to know what's best.

PS Ryan sure looks good in all black even if Travis thinks he looks like he's on his way to a funeral.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Lone Star changed its lable to celebrate 65 years in business. I'm more of a wine gal, but I must admit a special fondness for Lone Star. It's so light and so cheap. How could I say no?

It's the forth of July weekend. I've gotten lots of invites, but I'm not in much of a partymood. Eric - the guy down the street who lives alone in a 5-3 house w/ an indoor swimming pool and vault/bomb shelter is having a party this evening so I thought I'd stop by that. I've only met a few of his friends, and they have all been very nice.

Tomarrow night Cambell and Ryan and Grace and Travis are having a forth of july bash in Hyde Park with dancing. I'm taking the ever popular Dr. Love as my date. I think we'll go have dinner first so we can spend sometime acutally talking with eachother.

Monday I'm going to be working, but Robert Nash invited me to his little party to watch the fireworks. He has an amazing view of the city perfect for firework watching. I might go if I'm not too tired.