Saturday, July 02, 2005


Lone Star changed its lable to celebrate 65 years in business. I'm more of a wine gal, but I must admit a special fondness for Lone Star. It's so light and so cheap. How could I say no?

It's the forth of July weekend. I've gotten lots of invites, but I'm not in much of a partymood. Eric - the guy down the street who lives alone in a 5-3 house w/ an indoor swimming pool and vault/bomb shelter is having a party this evening so I thought I'd stop by that. I've only met a few of his friends, and they have all been very nice.

Tomarrow night Cambell and Ryan and Grace and Travis are having a forth of july bash in Hyde Park with dancing. I'm taking the ever popular Dr. Love as my date. I think we'll go have dinner first so we can spend sometime acutally talking with eachother.

Monday I'm going to be working, but Robert Nash invited me to his little party to watch the fireworks. He has an amazing view of the city perfect for firework watching. I might go if I'm not too tired.

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hannah said...

I like to composition. The color seems a little off, though. Maybe green? Also, I think the label needs to be turned to be a little more square to the camera.