Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Flew to Houston to scout a shoot yesterday. Had a very nice time. Got to have lunch with my dear friend miss Catherine Price. I was elated to hear she has started a line of clothes for fat little girls aged 7-12 available on the internet. The inspiration behind the company is to prevent little girls from "looking like a tent".
My new friend Evan took this photo. He is the creative director for the project in Houston. I was surprised by how kind and chivalrous he is. My guy friends here should take a hint! Also of note. I met Joel Osteen - arguable one of the most well know pastors of our time - or so I've been told. What struck me most about him is 1 - he is not a tall man 2 - his "wife" does not wear a wedding ring 3 - i think he gets carted around in a limo driven by a tuxido wearing blackman who is tough enough to also be a body gaurd.

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Evan said...

Oh, what a great day.