Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Studio Update

Sept 1 was supposed to be moving day. Alas the studio is not finished. They are making some progress but the building still lacks floors, walls, electricity, plumbing, a window and door. The property manager said it will be ready in two weeks - which is what he said two weeks ago. :)
Look... it is the view through to the new Do512 office. Scott's company is renting the front half of the building so we will be neighbors! We are going to share a wall, but I've asked them not to put a door between the two office. This confused the landlord.
The bathroom. 6ft x 5ft of bathroom goodness. The door opens in for those of you making to scale replicas of my photo studio at home.
Isn't it just glorious!

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Jake Holt Photography said...

According to your description, you are now the proud owner of a roof.