Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 Things about me....

I've been tagged for the 8 things about me game. :)

1. I starred on a reality TV show called Faking It. I spent 5 weeks being filmed in LA learning how to become a Lifestyle Diva. If you want to see the show we have a viewing every year on my birthday 12/4.

2. Despite having a full scholarship I dropped out of Law School at Whittier. I didn't make it past registration day. My other odd academic pursuit was Aerospace in college. My BA is in Humanities.

3. I have four horses. Peanut a palimino shetland pony. Roan and Bently are blue roans who are quarter horse crosses. And a paint welsh pony named Rosa Lita. My mom boards my horses for me on her quarter horse farm. When I was a kid I was a barrel racer and a flag bearer.

4. When I was a freshman in high school (age 14) I played my baritone/euphonium at Carnegie Hall. The same year I was a princess in the McDade Watermelon Festival.

5. My great uncle Asa Chandler started a beverage company and donated the funds to start at university. Someday I will inherited the official early 1900's recipe and enough money to buy a small used car.

6. I cry at weddings. Always. Sometimes it's while the bride is getting ready. Often it is during the ceremony. Toasts get me... Always. Friends weddings. Weddings I'm photographing. Sometimes even weddings on TV.

7. I am a third generation Austinite. My grandfather Dr. Sledd was a professor at UT, and my parents started a plant nursery in Clarksville called Sledd Nursery. I've done lots of traveling and spent time in other places, but I will ALWAYS call Austin home.

8. My first photography job was working at the Austin Chronicle. I started taking pictures for them at the tender age of 16. I had my first cover at 18. A girl couldn't ask for a better freelance job! It's been a great ten years so far and hopefully I'll get to work for them for another ten.

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Anonymous said...


Your blog and web presence are awesome. Here's to hoping you and yours are doing well a big Toast to dropping out of law school.

Hope our paths cross soon,