Thursday, August 23, 2007

The look I want...

Today has been sort of rough. My laptop died and the lovely Dell tech who came by the house was unable to fix it because it is a "software" problem and she only fixes hardware. Alas. I'm going to try just erasing everything and starting over.

Disco is sick. :( I took him the vet yesterday and he seems to be doing a bit better. Unfortanately I think the entire bedroom carpet will need to be replaced, OR we can take this as an opportunity to get rid of the yucky carpet and fix up the wood floors underneath. (BTW giant home project is the last thing my BF wants to read about this morning I'm sure.) The only upside to having a sick pup is that he is being SOOOO sweet. I'm sure it is just because he isn't feeling well, but wow is he much easier to take care of this way.

Veeta and Andy (my lovely aunt and uncle) who usually take care of my grandmother are out of town this week so I'm g-ma-sitting. It has been fun to spend hours talking to Ma about life and her history. Ma lives in a great old house in Tarrytown, but it makes some SCARY sounds at night. I felt like such a little kid, but the creaking and bumping kept waking me up. :)

Oh. Yet another photo of what I want my future studio furniture to look like. :) I'm sure y'all are tried of seeing samples, but I just can't help myself.

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