Monday, November 21, 2005

Wheres my cheese???

The answer is - in the trash. I stopped having a regular house keeper months ago because she had a habbit of throwing away important things. She also likes to hide things - once she hid my hasselblad and i almost had a heart attack because I thought it had been stolen. Turns out it was just at the back of the linen closet behind a blanket (don't ask how I found it) The latest victim was my aged yellow gouda. I can just imagine her putting the cheese to her nose, curling up her bottom lip, and then throwing it away. *sigh* At least she seemed appologetic and promised she won't throw anymore cheese away. If it weren't for silly thanksgiving she won't even be here.


Rafferty said...

what is your housekeeper doing in you fridge anyway???

Mary said...

She was "cleaning" the fridge. It didn't need to be cleaned. Its all very sad.