Monday, November 14, 2005


i've decided to have Felix, the old cat that lives on my front porch put to sleep. i feel TERRIBLE about doing it, but i think its the most humane thing i can do. i've tried giving her antibiotics and cleaning her wounds with all sorts of stuff, but she just doesn't seem to heal and now she is having a hard time eating. the weather is also about to get cold and i don't want her to be uncomfortable. its silly, but this is one of the hardest decisions i've had to make in a long long time. my wonderful loving mother is going to take her in for me. i was going to, but i think it'll be easier for me if i don't. i don't want the vet to guilt me into have any treatments done. the cat is almost 20 years old. when she was about 15 she was attacked by a dog on the 4th of july. she was missing (presumed dead for 14 days) and then one day her corpse showed up on the lawn. when i ran up to her i discovered she was still breathing. $1200 later she was all fixed up. after that i decided no more extrodinary measures when it comes to old critters. so. dear old felix this is the end. :( i'm so happy i don't have anyone else i have to justify this desicion to. i can remember getting sooo mad at my mom when she had my dog put to sleep when i was a kid (that poor old dog should have been put to sleep about a year before she had it done) now i understand. it was for mom to decide to put the dog to sleep and me getting mad about didn't help. rrrg.


Jenn said...

Felix deserves to die with dignity, instead of, say, freezing to death on the front porch, or succumbing to infection and dying slowly and painfully. You're doing a humane thing. Hard, yes, but humane.

secretsekertary said...

two years ago i had to put my kitty - colonel whiskers - to go live with god and baby jesus. it was really hard to do, but he'd had the kitty bladder problem for his whole life, and about once every six months or so he'd have to have surgury. each time it cost $500 - $1000. i had just moved to austin the day before, and he got sick, and i just couldn't afford to give him surgury. plus that's hard for kitties to go through, too.

all's i'm saying is, i guess, that it's a hard decision to make, but you're doing the right thing. procedures are really hard for kitties to handle. i like what jenn said. <3 <3 <3 for kitties

Mary said...

oh that cat. took her to the vet. gave them a $100 total budget. they gave her a steriod shot, something for mange, some antibiotics some flea stuff... and who knows what else. they only charged me the $100. they said cause she's still purring i should see if she improves.