Monday, November 07, 2005

Texas Prize

This was the fanciest party I've been to all year. Tix were $300 each and the celeb attendants included - Ann Richards, David Hickey, Michael and Susan Dell and on and on. The theme was Excess and wow did everyone take it to heart. I wore a little black dress with lots of jewels and some patton leather farragamo shoes with bows. I went with my friend Ryan because he is the only other person I knew who was near my age, not gay and had a ticket to the party. We did a lot of drinking ( i was still hungover at 9pm the next night ) some dancing and lots of hob nobbing. A very fun night all together. The longhorn band played, the signature drink involved taquilla and dinner was served at the Driskill.

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Anonymous said...

oh aren't we a handsome pair! good photo (by david cleaves??)
had a blast.

mary was our photographer for the invitation and other collateral for the event.