Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving (a day early)

Thats my turkey. He's still raw - and maybe a tiny bit frozen. Hopefully noone will get food poisoning. My entire family that still lives in austin (about 12 people) are coming over for Thanksgiving (+scott) I'm a bit nervous that he is going to think my family is strange. Thankfully my mother hasn't showed up yet to freakout! I just know shes going to show up and start bossing me around even though its my dinner and my house. Sometimes she has a hard time letting go.

My favorite thing about holidays is my families Purple Jello. Its sooooo yummy. Its black cherry jello with pineapples, creamcheese, coke a cola and bing cherries. (and then pecans on top, but I grew up on a farm with pecan orchards, so i don't like them much. I also don't eat beef the other thing we raised on the farm.)

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