Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bookish Cat

Mom gave Dexter a new sweater for my birthday. He seems to really like it. Its pink argile. Dexter also enjoys wearing glasses and pretending to read for my stock photos. Such a good cat. It's all the kitten yoga I did with him when he was very young. Imprint training is very important with cats. It may also be that he is mildly retarted and I feed him into complacency.


dave in japan! said...

dude, you're gonna make a million bucks off of this photo.

The new sequel to "Hang In There"... "Studying is Hard"

secretsekertary said...

aaaaaagh!!! that is so freakin cute i want to swallow dexter up and get all his cuteness inside of me forever! i can't stop laughing! call me. ~roxanne