Saturday, September 29, 2007

Equipment Failure x 4!!!

I must preface this post by saying this was an AMAZING wedding and Paul and Gloria are so clearly in love in make my heart sing. The photos are wonderful and only the assistants and I knew things were falling apart. :)

Things started going wrong before the wedding. My 50mm 1.2 would not auto focus. I shrug my shoulders and go on. Then I wanted to use my Quantum power pack with my 580EX flash and this weird thing happened where the flash had a big burst of light and then died. I thought it was a flash problem so I hooked the other flash to the same Quantum and the same thing happened!!! Yikes. Now two flashes down I had to use my last remaining flash with just battery power. My off camera flash trigger also stopped working tonight. Thank goodness for having triple redundancy on my gear and two assistant kits.

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