Friday, August 26, 2005

Quitting the Day Job

This post is long overdue. As many of you already know I quit my day job at the nursery a month ago. I was only working 3 or 4 days a week, but it gave my life much needed structure. My mom has been hinting that I need to start doing my photo thing more seriously, and the nursery only really needs me for bookkeeping(2 hours on Sundays). So I did it. I left the job I've loved for 8 years to try and do my own thing.

This month has not been what I expected. I've had some big sucesses - the shoots for Lakewood, Arthouse and The Fall guys all went well. I now have seperate accounts for the company and myself. I purchased some awsome photo business software that has made me much more organized and I got the lens I've been wanting for ages.

Overall I'm pleased but there are some disappointments - I still don't have new business cards, a website, or any firm structure to my company. I only have one shoot booked for next week. I'm waiting on so many checks that I won't be able to pay off my credit card in full for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. Its not all that bad though cause it has 0% interest.

Before when I wanted something photo related I'd just buy it. Now I look at the nubmers and decide if it will help the company make money or if it is an unneeded expense. Very responsible.

I hope, with all that is in me, this company works. I've wanted to be a photographer since the 10th grade but was always too afraid to pursue it seriously because I thought failing would be worse than never trying. Mom convinced me that this is what i have to do! So hopefully it will work.

And if y'all know ANYONE who needs photo stuff in town PLEASE reccomend me. Its my main source of advertising and I really need to find more work if this is going to work.

On a side note - i've taken a two day job at a gaming convention photographing programmers with an inflatable gorilla. But it pays well so why not.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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katie said...

Hah! You should repost this old one as a look back at how successful you've become. So fun to read the beginning of the story!