Friday, August 19, 2005

getting ready

I'm going to photograph American Analog Set. A possible cover for the Austin Chrnoicle and a very likely candidate for Rollingstone sometime down the road. I'm nurvous. I'm having flashbacks to the DISASTEROUS shoot of Okkervil River done a few months ago with a similar theme.

Looks like it might rain. Not sure what I"m going to do if it does. This shot can't very well be done inside. Guess we could go to the nursery or something. Yikes.

The idea for the shoot is to surround the guys with equipment and then bound there hands with reel to reel tape. If we don't get rained on and not too much of the surrounding yard is visible it could look VERY cool. My new friend Cambria is going to help me with the lights. I should really pick up some sand bags on my way to the shoot. Wonder if I will have time.

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