Sunday, December 30, 2007


My goal for this week is to consolidate my 7 TERABYTES of information. The last three years I've changed file management systems three times and a full overall is long overdue. At the end of the week I'm hoping to have 2 copies of all "historic" files and a new systematic approach to handling live files. If everything goes as planned I'm going to put together an art show of "lost files". :)


Ed Verosky said...

It's weird isn't it? Photographers used to basically just keep one original negative/slide of each picture and hoped the place never caught fire. Now, we have to worry about a fire, computer viruses, jumbled or accidentally deleted files, and let's not forget about lightning strikes or pulse bombs (ok, maybe not pulse bombs).

But, there are also the "levels" of negative we archive: RAW, various edits, final files for orders, etc.

I'm currently writing a post about what photographers go through with their workflow. And digital was supposed to be easier!

Ed Verosky

Mary said...

I'm looking forward to reading your post! Just curious... how do you manage your folders? Do you use dates? Do you separate by type - Event, Editorial and so on??