Monday, December 17, 2007

Honeymoon Planning

Wow! I have a new found respect for my grooms (and brides) who plan honeymoons. We are going on a trip in February (not a honeymoon - just a trip) and I've been AMAZED by how much work it is to plan a big trip.

We knew we wanted to go to Costa Rica and we booked plain tickets months ago, but we didn't make any other plans. :) We've spent the last few days scouring Trip Advisor looking at info about the different parts of Costa Rica. Scott wanted to go surfing and spend time in remote Osa. I want to spend time riding horses, reading books and walking on the beach. Scott is much better at being "cut off" from the world so we've decided we are going to spend part of our trip in Osa at an eco-lodge and the rest of our trip in Mal Pais.

I booked our hotel rooms and regional flights today. It is soooo nice to have the planning done. Now it's time to do some shopping! A girl needs a great back pack and some lovely dresses for being on the beach.


Eric said...

Hey Mary,

I love to plan trips, 50% of a vacation is planning it,
50% is doing it, and 50% is bragging about it afterwords



Jake said...

Ummm, when did I give you permission to use that sweet pic of me shredding some waves? Never, that's when.