Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Secret Brother

Went to a peace ralley last night and a familair voice said my name ... when i turned around my big brother ane he was GRINNING at me and telling me to take his pictures. Such an odd bird he is. We lived together for years before he moved in with his girlfriend. Glenn is by far the strangest and in some ways most tortured person i've ever met. But it was nice to see him. We didn't get along very well when we were kids. I was hopelessly nerdy and he was really preppy and cool. His friends tried a few times to get me to ditch the geek routine - stop wearing the glasses and polyester and become part of the in crowd, but i was too antisocial/awkward/tall/thin/goofy to pull it off. So if any of y'all were wondering what my brother looks like. ... here he is. Also of note this is about the 5th photo i've taken of him in my entire life.

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