Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cindy Sheehan

Grandma asked me to go to the Cindy Sheehan "Bring them home now" protest because she is too old to be in the heat or to walk very far with out her wheel chair. Yesturday was her 86 birthday. Meaning she stole 16 years from someone else...

So being the good grandchind that I am I went to the protest. And being the good blogger that I am I took my camera... although more than once (i use a really big camera and take tons of gear) people asked me who I was shooting for and I would just tell them my blog (this is my favorite answer to this question. i often use it even when i'm shooting for big magazines). it usually is met with chuckles or confused looks.

Anyways. Not sure what i think about cindy. hopefully she'll do some good. i'm guessing she's going to write a book and go on some speaking tours when shes done. we'll see.

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