Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shoot Sac - reviewed

Bleck. What a bad camera bag concept. In addition to being extremely uncomfortable (it has no padding for the shoulder) it is VERY expensive (more than $200). I tried out Jessica Clair's camera bag, the Shoot Sac, a couple of times over the last few months and have been very disappointed. I've only taken mine on about 5 photo shoots and it is already falling apart. The lens pockets are not large enough for most of big L lenses. The bag has no sipping pockets to keep CF cards safe. The covers which are pretty cute but cost $50+. Seems like I could just sew one for umm... about $5. If you are a pro photographer or aspiring pro photographer I would recommend steering clear of this bag.


Ed said...

Rockstar photographers have lots of things for sell. Notice how so many fans of this photographer's bag are also friends of hers who sell things to photographers, too.

Mary said...

Very well stated Ed! Thanks. :)