Monday, December 04, 2006


It's my birthday!!! I treated myself to a workshop by Doug Gordon the "inventor" of Flow Posing. Must say I was not too impressed. The way he talked about taking as much money as he could from brides and selling prints instead of files just seems sort of slimy. The part made me the MOST unhappy is that he is opening a satalite office for his company Patken Photography in Austin and he had secret shoppers help him get EVERYONES PRICE LISTS. He said he's using the lists to talk brides into using him by showing where other photographers are trying to rip them off. For the record the only even remotely "hidden" fee on my price list is sales tax...and there is a line at the bottom of the price list with two Astrix that says prices are pre-sales tax.

As for flow posing... I'm just going to stick with what I've been doing. I'll never be able to remember all of those steps and I don't think it'll make me a better photographer.

Good news is my hunky boyfriend is taking me out to dinner at Wink tonight. YUMMY.

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