Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dandy Warhols in Marfa

This was easily one of the best shows I've been to in ages. The Dandy Warhols played in the Marfa Ice Plant for free as part of Chinapi Fest 2006. The photo is lit by the bands strobes. Timing the camera to the strobes is an ardious tast when they are blicking irratically and memory space/ battery power is limited. This is the first show I've photographed with out my ear muffs in a year. I wanted to hear the music and I wanted it to be LOUD.

I found out just how much my friends love me! We were exploring the mountains outside of town and I got REALLY car sick. So we stopped for me to puke. Everyone else wanted to take a look around... so I was alone in the car with the AC running. Then I did something stupid. I locked the keys in the car! We were 2 hours from town by car. Luckily we ran into some locals about a mile down the road and they helped us break in the car! Yipee!!! My favorite part was when the guy trying to pop the lock stops and says... I know I need... I'm thinking a slim jim... and he grabs a cold beer from his minivan. Good stuff! It took about 45 minutes but we got back into the car. Yipeee!!!!

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