Monday, September 18, 2006

Austin Game Conference

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Dell isn't happy because his numbers are down. His plan is sell computers to hard core gamers and to move more into the casual game set. Problem is hard core gamers want to build their own machines and casual game developers don't want to write the latest technology so they can sell more games.

This photo is from the Austin Game Conference. It is an anual gathering of game developers, marketers, illistrators and audio tyipes. I have some other photos from the conference on flickr.

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nevan said...

Deftly put, Mary. There's one hope for Dell, though.

His computers make a profit. Console makers, like Sony and Microsoft, lose money on the device hoping to make profit on software sales.

For example, Sony's Playstation 3 will cost $600. Merrill Lynch estimates it will cost Sony $800 to produce each unit. Sony hopes to sell ten million of these units.

If, for some reason, Microsoft and Sony can't keep losing that much money, games will shift to the PC...